Cucumber nutritional values ​​- that's in it

Cucumber nutritional values ​​- that's in it

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Cucumbers provide pure refreshment in summer. They are also considered to be extremely healthy. But what's in a cucumber? Here you will find the cucumber nutritional table with all important nutritional information.

Sewing value table (per 100 grams)

Nutritional informationper 100 grams
Minerals (mg)
Sodium (Na)3
Potassium (K)165
Calcium (Ca)15
Magnesium (Mg)8
Phosphate (P)15
Zinc (Zn)0,2
Beta-carotene (㎍)370
Vitamin E (mg)0,1
Vitamin B1 (mg)0,02
Vitamin B2 (mg)0,03
Vitamin B6 (mg)0,04
Foal acid (㎍)15
Vitamin C (mg)8


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