Creating paths in the vegetable garden - 3 tips

Creating paths in the vegetable garden - 3 tips

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The main path can also consist of paving stones

A vegetable garden is not only healthy, it can also be fun. However, you should make sure that you can harvest the vegetables well later. It is disadvantageous if you have to step into the bed, so you should Creating paths in the vegetable garden, you also save yourself the acrobatic dislocations.

1. The main path from concrete slabs
For example, you can lay the main path out of one or more concrete slabs. So you don't step into the muddy earth when the vegetable garden has just had a downpour. The plates are very stable and can also visually separate the garden.

2. Wooden boards as a path in the vegetable garden

A simple solution to bring a way into the garden is wooden boards. They are a natural building material and adapt perfectly to the sight of the garden. In rainy weather, however, the boards can be slippery and they are far from being as stable as the concrete slabs. They are recommended as visual separation or as a step between the beds, but not as the main route.

3. Bark mulch or solid dirt
Bark mulch is also suitable for a vegetable garden, but large bark chops must be used here, otherwise the particles will rot too quickly. Sometimes, however, a simple and firm earth path is sufficient for a hobby gardener.


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