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Create a natural garden - this is how it's done

Create a natural garden - this is how it's done

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A natural garden attracts animals

You set up a garden according to your own preferences. Some like it tied and groomed, while others create a natural garden.

A natural garden needs little maintenance
The trend is clearly going back to the natural garden. The advantage of this: The variety of plants becomes larger and more diverse without your own addition. Not every weed is plucked out, it can also stand still. Mostly flowers are planted that reproduce through self-sowing, so you don't have to add anything and can be surprised. Columbines, foxgloves, forget-me-nots, horn violets and many types of meadow flowers are particularly suitable for such a natural garden.

A natural garden attracts animals
If you want to create a natural garden, then you should not work with strict forms here. After all, it's also called a natural garden. So do not squeeze it into a circle or any other geometric shape. Soft shapes and lines are in the right place here. The differences to the Picko Bello garden can also be seen in the fact that the natural garden again attracts many more animals. Butterflies gather, bees and bumblebees collect nectar, and birds find a new home. If you still spice it up with a natural garden pond, you can truly speak of a natural garden.

Maintain a natural garden
Try it out in a free corner of the garden and if you like it, then expand the garden bit by bit. However, always remember: Just because this is a natural garden does not mean that you can sit back and relax. A natural garden must also be looked after. In a garden like this, it is not so easy to see if weeds grow among the many flowers, but you should still remove it. It is best to water your natural garden with rainwater.


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