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Planting a geranium tree - step by step instructions

Planting a geranium tree - step by step instructions

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A geranium tree is not a real tree

If you like geraniums, you will love the geranium tree. Learn how to plant such a geranium tree here.

No new genus of plants
Real gardeners have certainly noticed it: a geranium tree is not a new plant species, but a decorative element that looks beautiful in every garden and on terraces. So it's not a real tree. Rather, you create a large structure from several plants, similar to a tree. Hence the name geranium tree.

Planting a geranium tree - step by step instructions

  1. The first thing to buy or build is a frame made up of several platforms. This can be free-standing or attached to walls.
  2. The individual platforms now each receive a flower pot. It looks particularly nice when the pots get bigger from top to bottom.
  3. To save the watering, the pots can now be connected to a water system so that the water is evenly distributed.
  4. Now just plant the geraniums (watch out for hanging geraniums) and after a few weeks the plants will merge and form a whole tree from several plants.

The whole thing works of course not only with geraniums, but also with all other hanging plants that grow abundantly and densely. Just try it.


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