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Nettles - They strengthen the growth of plants

Nettles - They strengthen the growth of plants

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Nettles boost growth

Nettles are wild plants that no hobby gardener likes to have in their beds. Not only do they cause pain on contact with the skin, they also multiply quite rapidly.

Nettles strengthen the growth of plants
Despite these many disadvantages, the nettle also has something good: it ensures that the soil is loosened and supplied with valuable minerals. That's why you should plant nettles in the bed for several weeks before planting herbs. Since it takes some effort to remove the plants with the strongly branching roots, nettles can also be chopped up and placed on the bed as a layer of mulch. However, this should happen when the herbs or salads are already growing. The nettles will rot over time and turn into humus.

Nettles, borage and comfrey
The whole thing also works with strawberries. In addition to nettles, borage and comfrey are also suitable for upgrading beds. Cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins like comfrey, spinach and kohlrabi are delighted with borage - and you, as a gardener, receive this tip, which promises a rich harvest. But not only nettles in their natural form are very good for plants. Nettle stock is also well received by many plants.

Make nettle stock
To make a nettle stock you have to cut about 1 kg of nettle leaves. Then pour the whole thing into about 10 liters of water. Close the container and let the mixture steep for about two weeks. Stir the whole thing every few days. You can then water your plants about every three weeks. However, you must note that you must dilute the brew with water in a ratio of 1:20. This brew is suitable for both houseplants and beds.


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