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GumBall Gumball - cultivation and care

GumBall Gumball - cultivation and care

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A tree that really fits well in a front yard is the GumBall Gumball. We'll tell you how to plant and care for them here.

GumBall Gumball

The GumBall (Liquidambar styraciflua) GumBall, which actually comes from North America, can be easily integrated into our front gardens and small gardens due to its low height of around 2 meters. An absolute eye-catcher is his spherical crown on a small trunk, which gives it its actual attractiveness - but also requires a regular care cut.

But don't worry, you will be rewarded for the regular workload in autumn, because then the tree will surprise you with a beautiful leaf color. And the best thing about it is that the yellow and red leaves stay on the tree top for a very long time, which is why the GumBall brings a little color to the often dreary weather gray year after year.

Appearance and origin of the name

GumBall leaves are very similar to maple, but already turn yellow from September onwards, then change from orange to red and finally into a burgundy-violet leaf dress. In the garden center, GumBalls are often also offered as bonsais, for which they are also particularly suitable.

By the way:
The GumBall got its name from the gardeners because its juice used to be used to make chewing gum.

GumBall Gumball - cultivation and care


Ideally, you should plant the GumBall gumball, which is quite expensive to buy, in the spring and in a place that is as sheltered from the wind as possible, in order to optimally protect the often very delicate tree trunk with the lush leaf crown (which can reach up to 4 meters in diameter) against wind breakage.

It is important that you think of a sunny to minimally shady place when planting the GumBall, where there is also a nutrient-rich, humus-rich soil. When planting, as with any other tree, you also need to water the roots well.

You should not plant a young GumBall too close to a house wall, otherwise it will not be able to unfold its full splendor (tree top) in the course of its life.


"Loosen the soil:

The floor around the GumBall should not compact as much as possible so that a. also can not build up waterlogging around the plant. So you have to loosen the soil several times a year with a rake. But be careful: you have to be careful to avoid damaging the root system.


In spring and / or autumn, you can now and then supply the globular amber tree with a very small amount of fertilizer or compost, after which a grape-shaped flower usually develops on the GumBall from May.

" To water:

Of course, the GumBall must also be watered during longer dry periods - in the morning or in the evening without waterlogging around the trunk.

"Frost protection:

You should still protect very young GumBalls against frost in the first one to three winters. The best way to do this is to wrap the little trees with some garden fleece. That should be enough.

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