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Repair lawn with paving - how it works

Repair lawn with paving - how it works

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With a lawn paving, you can easily repair bald spots in the lawn. Read here exactly what it is and how to use it correctly.

The lawn paving is a mixture of granules

Again and again, even in very well-kept lawns, bald spots of various sizes spread out, which quickly make the overall picture of the lawn unsightly. Reasons for this can be, for example, moles, voles, cat urine and / or dog urine, heavy use, weed removal, snow mold in the lawn, etc.

If such bare spots in the lawn or lawn stains are not processed quickly enough, clover and dandelions grow in the middle of the beautiful ornamental lawn. Which is why an extremely effective means, the so-called lawn pavement, is offered in specialist shops.

" Watch out:

However, due to its purchase price, such a lawn pavement is not suitable for creating a complete lawn area.

Properties of the lawn paving

The lawn paving is a granulate mixture of seeds (ornamental lawn seeds), nitrogen fertilizer and germ substrate, which unfolds its full effect in connection with water and can even be used on almost all soil surfaces.

The lawn paving is available in different packaging units (for example available here), with a quantity of approximately 3.5 kilograms being sufficient for a complete lawn area of ​​approximately 15 square meters. You must always make sure that there is no extreme overdose when applying the granulate to the bald spot.

" Tip:

You can also use lawn paving if there are many small bald spots on a lawn due to the removal of weeds. Regular irrigation of the entire lawn is then recommended.

Use lawn paving correctly

The use of the lawn paving is practically possible from March to October. With sufficient irrigation of the processed area, a really good result can be seen after only five days. How to use a so-called lawn paving correctly:

  1. Remove grass that has already died from the bare areas.
  2. Generously remove bald spots due to animal urine (remove soil, fill up with fresh soil if necessary).
  3. Slightly loosen the earth of the bald spot.
  4. Apply lawn paving evenly - take the manufacturer's instructions on the package into account.
  5. Water the lawn paving sufficiently until the granules turn dark.
  6. Then water the lawn paving whenever the granules lighten up.

" Important:

The fertilizing effect of the lawn paving extends over a period of approximately 6 weeks. Additional fertilization is therefore not necessary.


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